1&1 Service Reviewed

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1and1 Service Reviewed By Cheap Web Design

If you are looking to start your own business or are a small business owner then you may have looked at 1and1 as a solution to build your own website. They have created a fantastic advertising campaign which targets all start up/small business owners, the way they do this is via huge TV advertising campaigns, massive marketing budgets in terms of Google Adwords and other advertising methods such as billboard advertising. If you don’t have any knowledge in the website design industry you would believe the service that 1and1 provided was fantastic however once you actually dive a little deeper you quickly realise the solution which is provided by 1and1 is very costly.

Business packages start from as little as £9.99 +VAT per month and range to £19.99 +VAT per month, looking at it from the outside you would say that those prices are very reasonable however if you look a little further into it you quickly notice that this isn’t a 12 month contract. You pay the fee of £19.99+VAT per month indefinitely!

1&1 Pricing Table Review

I’m sure when any new business owner is looking to set up a website they aren’t thinking about the short term and are looking to create a successful business that lasts online. For example, if you purchased a package from 1and1 for £19.99 P/M and you had this for 2 years your website would cost you £479.76 +VAT. This is for a website in which you have to build and isn’t created by a professional web design agency who could simply create everything to a bespoke standard for your company.

Pay The Professionals To Build Your Website

An alternative option is to pay a professional web design company to build your website instead, this will take away all the hassle of creating your website when really you could be focusing on other sectors of your business that you have more experience within. The amazing truth is that you could hire a company such as C Website Design and they would be able to design you a professional website with free services such as logo design, banner design, email hosting, business cards, letter headed paper, search engine optimisation and more for a lesser fee than what you would pay 1and1 across 2 years.

Why waste your time attempting to build a website on 1and1’s platform when you could simply get in touch with Cheap Web Design today and we will take away all the stress from you and once completed you will have a professional website which will amaze your customers. If you wanted you can even tell them that you designed it!

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