Volusion Review

Volusion E-Commerce Stores Review

Volusion are one of the largest and most popular e-commerce providers around, the system is very simple to use and it’s already pre-loaded with many fantastic features which will make you think it’s value for money is great. Like any e-commerce solution it isn’t perfect and comes with its glitches however this is a great solution for start-up/small/medium sized businesses.

Positives: Very simple to use interface, straightforward dashboard, great features such as Deal Of The Day, Many free templates, if you would prefer a bespoke template they are prices reasonably, Fraud score/checks and also great support packages for upper tier plans.

Negatives: Not all features work, rigid system (not much can be edited), monthly cost’s are extremely high and never end, high charges for add-on’s such as SSL’s, Very high overuse charges (data), If your store is successful and receives high volumes of traffic but you only sell 50 products you would expect the “mini” package to work for you however due to the number of visitors to your website you would require the “Platinum”.

Overall Volusion Review: 7/10

Pricing & Features

Volusion Pricing Table


Volusion have set the system up in a way that looks affordable to all, they have 5 pricing tier’s ranging from as little as £9+VAT per month to £119+VAT per month. As explained above this looks great however when you start to understand the system and how data works it can be very costly. If you had a business that sold up to 50 products you would expect the “Mini” package at £9+VAT per month to be the ideal solution for you however if your website was popular (which we hope it is) your data usage would be far higher than what is provided with the “Mini” package and you would more than likely require to upgrade to “Gold or Platinum”. Alternatively you could stick with the “Mini” package however the over usage charges that you shall be hit with are astronomical.

To be fair to Volusion they do state that the best value plan is the “Gold” which is priced at £79+VAT Per Month, I expect this is to do with the Data costs if you run over etc. When you do purchase any plan you shall receive a copy of ‘Ecommerce for dummines, Volusion special edition’. We found that this was a very helpful guide.

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Alternative E-Commerce Solutions To Volusion

The alternative is to hire a web design company such as “C Wed Design”. Instead of spending time and money on Volusion you could simply hire a professional team to build a bespoke e-commerce store for you, if you were to pick the best value package which Volusion recommend “Gold” across 12 months it would cost £948+VAT. Remember you have to pay this fee indefinitely!!!

If you were to chose “C Wed Design” Gold package it would be a one-off fee £429+VAT. That’s a massive saving of over 100% in the first year! Not to mention the fact that you won’t have to do any of the work, we complete everything for you.

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